The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

Main Characters:
Leo Gursky, an old man, living in NYC. He taps on the radiator each morning to let his upstairs neighbor know he is alive. Was once in love with a girl in Poland named Alma. He wrote a book, The History of Love, about their love before he barely escapes the Holocaust.

Alma Singer, a lonely teenager who was named after a character in a book by her father, who has recently dies. Her story is a coming-of-age one.

Bird: Alma's brother

Zvi Litvinoff, the published author of The History of Love

Multiple, sometimes unreliable, narrators. Non-linear story.

Writing: Well-written, lyrical with well-defined characters. Sometimes too hard handed and some plot points could be inferred too soon.

Themes: Loss, Identity, Loneliness

Bottom Line Thoughts: Liked it more looking back than during. Love the idea that a book can hold such a forceful potency in so many lives.  At times had to force myself to pick it back up as the beauty and plan were a bit better than the execution. 

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