The Sinner's Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber - Book Review

The Sinner's Guide to Confession would make a good Oprah pick, women’s book clubs would probably drool over it and those wandering the chick lit aisles should probably seek it out, but I forgive it all that. I am a chick lit snob. If Oprah plants her magic seal on a book, I avert my eyes. So it was with some reluctance that I agreed to read The Sinner's Guide to Confession about three female friends who’re each concealing a secret. And though the novel has garnered praise from the reigning queen of chick lit, Jodi Picoult, I have to honestly say that this was a decent read.

The Sinner's Guide to Confession is well written with strong characterization. Moments of intensity are tempered with wit and a supporting cast complementary to the three protagonists. I do wish further exploration had been afforded the reasons we hide our secrets from even those closest to us; and in this way, I felt the word guide in the title was ambiguous. The final scene makes an attempt at exploring redemption and secrets left untold, and made me happy that I’d completed the tale. And while an editor’s pen might have been a tad needed, the story moved at a fair pace with relatable scenes of everyday life.

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caite said...

I feel in a similar way about Oprah pick's. Maybe I am just being difficult and I am happy if more people read because of her...but I will read something she didn't pick.


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