Santa Responds - Mini Book Review

Santa Responds is an imagining of what Santa might say to some less than perfect children who write him letters if he were a mean, Grinchy-type Santa. Now… this was difficult one for me because I don’t imagine Santa in that manner. I believe he’s a nice, jolly fellow who likes getting letters and has a forgiving heart. So… I guess I wasn’t the best person to examine this book.

Santa Responds might be enjoyable if you get a kick out of imagining Mr. Claus, with a stogie and a beer, kicked back and ready to fart his way through his naughty list. It might be a good gift book for someone with that sort of humor. But, really, the jokes get tiresome and I read most of the letters without even cracking a grin.

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caite said... meant that IS NOT what Santa is like?? Hey, mom....


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