Occasional Therapy For Your Midlife Years by Dr. Ellyn Gamberg - Book Review

Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years: 12 Sessions to Combat the Crisis by Dr. Ellyn Gamberg is for those of us who are too busy, too embarrassed or too tired to call up a therapist. A practical self-help guide for those who’ve reached the magical age where worries about health, looks, well-being and prospects for the future are bearing ever so swiftly down upon us, Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years is an easy to use guidebook of “exercises, strategies and techniques” to assist you through the storm of worries.

Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years’ format is simple and easy to follow with researched discussion of a particular topic followed by exercises and strategies to enhance your understanding of your concerns. The inclusion of various research-backed statements help us to see that we’re not alone in our gloom and provides a feeling of ‘so I’m not crazy.’ Especially helpful are each chapter’s “Try This” tips, which offer practical exercises to examine various issues one might be undertaking. The table of contents breaks each general topic into sub-topics, allowing for easy examination of specific interests. The topics cover a sizeable array of midlife issues: marriage and sex, an empty nest, beauty and health, as well as more severe forms of depression and disorders.

My only criticism comes with the Insights sections. I, personally, found these out of sync with the rest of the book and mildly off-putting. I felt as if I were thrown into a Hallmark moment with Stuart Smalley after digging into some really great tips and ideas. But, it’s just a small blemish on a first-rate means of observing some of the changes mid-lifers might be experiencing. Occasional Therapy for Your Midlife Years is an terrific self-help addition for midlife folks like me.

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