Two Brothers ~ One North, One South by David H. Jones - Book Review

It is obvious when a writer has done his homework and it’s easy to see that David H. Jones has lived and breathed Civil War history while writing the novel Two Brothers - One North, One South. William Prentiss lies dying in a hospital bed while his brother, Clifton, lies a few feet down the hall in the officers’ ward. Walt Whitman, a frequent volunteer to wounded Civil War soldiers, cares for young William as William recounts his decision to fight for the south and the events leading to his mortal injury. Clifton has refused a reunion with his brother due to their divided loyalties. When William dies, Whitman seeks out the young man’s brother where he also encounters an additional two brothers eager to hear of their youngest brother’s last thoughts.

Most Civil War aficionados will find much accuracy in the tale and notice the author’s fair treatment of both sides of the conflict. The inclusion of Whitman works well and I suspect Jones has done additional research on the iconic writer as the sections with Whitman are some of the finer points in the novel.

But while we cannot fault Jones in his research of the events, the blemish resides in his historian’s pen. The action scenes are far too lackluster and the dialogue too wooden. There were also long passages of historical chronicling where an editor’s pen was sorely needed.

I adore historical fiction and am quite familiar with the Civil War, but Two Brothers - One North, One South is more for the war chronicle reader (and there are certainly those about!). The story itself is quite interesting and the appendix makes for added insight.

Recommended for Civil War aficionados & war story lovers.

Author's Website with nice book video: Here

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