American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld is an imagined account of Laura Bush’s life. The main facts are there: she killed someone as a teen driver, had a solid middle class upbringing and grew up to be a nice 60’s era librarian who married into a rowdy politically influential family. The author throws in a few zingers of fantasy and does little to hide her own political leanings.

If you like historical fiction, you will get very little history here. If you like political intrigue, nada. If you’re looking for some insight into the mind of Laura Bush, look elsewhere. If you think George Bush is a buffoon who married a nice accommodating gal, you might find a story here. That’s all she wrote.

If you want more info on this novel, you can find the NY Times review from Joyce Carol Oates HERE and one I agree with in the Telegraph HERE.

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