The Shiniest Jewel by Marian Henley - Book Review

I picked up Marian Henley’s graphic-novel The Shiniest Jewel from my ever expanding review pile and thought, “I’ll get through this fast so I can move on to the more weighty stories that I’ve promised to review.” While The Shiniest Jewel is a fast read, it’s certainly not less weighty. Henley does an excellent job of involving the reader in her joy and despair, her fear and uncertainty. The graphic novel style fits well and her tone is a mixture of quirk and depth.

The Shiniest Jewel tells Marian Henley's tale of deciding she wants to adopt a child on the cusp of her 50th birthday. Along the middle-age highway are typical bumps (boyfriends and aging parents) and the reader quickly begins to hope for Henley's success.

I walked away from The Shiniest Jewel with dreams of adopting my own Russian baby and cheesy tears streaming down my face. Perhaps the thing that packs the most punch is not the death of Henley’s father or the difficult path to her son’s adoption, but the sense of beauty and depth in our everyday lives.

Recommended for those interested in adoption, those who like quick & uplifting tales of real life people making their way in the world, and those who enjoy graphic-novel nonfiction (a small genre indeed)

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Stephanie said...

My copy came in the mail today and I can't wait to start this book!


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