First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader - Book Review

First Daughter is as topical as you can get. It’s a political thriller set in the days before a Christian leaning, hard line foreign policy president leaves office. His predecessor promises change and moderate care. Sound familiar?

The president elect’s daughter, Alli, has been taken hostage and Jack McClure, a friend of the president-elect, is brought in to assist the various government agencies in the search. McClure also happens to be the father of a recently deceased daughter who just happened to be Alli’s dorm mate and friend. There are several sinister plots co-exiting in this twisting, turning who-done-it.

I’m probably the wrong sort of person to review First Daughter, as I never read thrillers, and have read only a handful of political leaning novels, period. If you include politics in the story, you can just about forget me reading your book. However, I did finish First Daughter without too mush offense. Lustbader does a fine job keeping all the plot and story lines moving and the ending has a little surprise thrown in for good measure. I only felt one continuity error in the political theme. I wasn’t sure exactly what Lustbader was trying to say or if he was even trying to make a statement.

For those who like political thrillers, I think First Daughter is probably your cup of tea.

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