Judy Moody Goes To College by Megan McDonald - Children's book review from Reading Rumpus

Judy Moody does it again. Her attitude and perfect third-grade persona shine through in her eighth incarnation: Judy Moody Goes to College.

Judy’s teacher is attending one of those things where teachers go to learn more teaching stuff and Judy has a substitute teacher. The substitute thinks Judy has a math deficiency so Judy’s parents get her a tutor. Judy’s tutor is a college student, Chloe, who exudes coolness. Soon, Judy’s not only cool with math, but also cool with all her third grade peeps....... Continue reading on Reading Rumpus.

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Austindog said...

Great ,My Granddaughter loves this Author.Her birthday is in October,I will have to find this for her.I think she has read almost All of these!She even reads them to me and I love it.Thanks ,keep up the great writing!!!

Tasses said...

Thanks :-) They're a great series for young independent readers.


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