Inglorious by Joanna Kavenna - Book Review

There are stories we read that seem to strike a chord with the particular time in which we read them. I used to call She's Come Undone one of my favorite books and then I reread it, years later, and wondered, “What?” Inglorious is a book that hit me just right at this point in my life. I suspect others will have qualms with the character driven plot, but I identified with the protagonist.

Rosa Lane is bored and restless and prone to grandiose thought. She quits her job in search of the ever elusive ‘something more.’ In the meantime, and to little surprise considering her mindset, her relationship of ten years falls apart. Adding insult to injury is a betrayal and a lack of compassion by those around her. Rosa spends her days making lists that never seem to get completed and telling herself that she’s ok, really ok, with all the changes swirling around her. She takes a lover and ignores her ex’s impending nuptials. Really, Rosa Lane is going to be just fine.

Inglorious is about lies. The lies we tell ourselves, the ones we push so deep that we start to believe them ourselves. They help us get through the day, both the mundane and the glorious points, and the extremes that cause us to go insane if we think too hard about them.

I loved this book.
It was written beautifully. The author is a certain talent to the literary realm. I’ll be looking for her next offering. I’ll give that Rosa’s voice is protracted, but that’s kind of the point. Imagine how it must feel to be Rosa.

Recommended for those who have battled depression, had a nervous breakdown, been wounded by a lover or anyone seeking insight into the mind of a girl on the edge of losing it all.

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