Brother To Dragons, Companion To Owls by Jane Lindskold - Mini Book Review

My confession: I chose this book purely on its title and cover art.
My punishment: I couldn’t finish it.
My lesson: Never judge a book ….. (you get the idea)

I love the protagonist in Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls. She’s an autistic girl named Sarah who can only speak in literary quotes, communicates with inanimate objects, and carries around a two-headed pet dragon named Betwixt and Between. Sarah is a very intriguing character. I wanted to know more about her and her special talents. I kept waiting for the author to develop Sarah, kept hoping for her to rise above the flat characters surrounding her, kept searching for a definition as to what made Sarah so special. Instead, I got the Jungle and Head Wolf.

I hated the Jungle Book element. I found nothing enticing about the Jungle, found it’s leader, Head Wolf, to be an uninspired character and his miscreants even less deserving of Sarah.

I read to where everyone started having sex with everyone and then moved onward. My TBR list is just too long to wait for the author to get to Sarah’s story. I’m not certain she ever would have.

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