The Black Tower by Louis Bayard - Mini Book Review

I can forgive many writers their idiosyncrasies, but I can never forgive a bad ending. If I hate the ending of even the most entertaining of stories, all is ruined. Luckily, The Black Tower by Louis Bayard has a good ending.

The Black Tower is both an alternate history and suspense story, spinning an imagined tale where France’s lost dauphin, Louis XVII, survived his tower imprisonment. The story is filled with vaudevillian characters and bounces forth in a witty tone. Told in the first person by a down on his luck doctor, The Black Tower spins a web of fabrication leading our protagonist to an outlandish police detective and then back to his own father’s secrets. Several ‘ah ha’ moments propel the story nicely with just a bit of drag during the middle of the book where a few extraneous side trips break the suspense’s flow.

And the ending? I’ll not give it away … because sometimes not knowing is the best ending.

Note: Read from an advanced copy. Available for sale August 26, 2008
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