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Mention the name, William Shakespeare, and you will conjure many things to many people. But to a teen, one of the first thoughts will be Romeo & Juliet. This is why educators begin units on Shakespeare with that play. The nature of the beast lends itself well to a hormonally raging mindset.

The Juliet Club is no exception to this rule: Six teens (3 American / 3 Italian) embark on a summer seminar concerning The Bard. Each brings a unique desire, motivation or pain to the summer. However, their story evolves more like A Midsummer Night’s Dream than Romeo and Juliet.

Ms. Harper does an excellent job getting the feel of a Shakespearean play; with characters entering and exiting in chapters she’s labeled as scenes...... Continue reading review and resources for teaching on Reading Rumpus.

Read from an ARC. Available May 27, 2008
Level: Young Adult
Genre: Parallel Fiction
Themes: Romance, Shakespeare, Italy, Overcoming Cynicism
Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: May 27, 2008
Pages: 416
ISBN-13: 978-0061366918

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Jackie said...

Interesting review. I've never heard of this novel and you have me intrigued to try it.

Tasses said...

Thanks for stopping in, Jackie.

Lenore said...

I have this in my TBR pile and hope to get to it soon.


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