First Reading Challenge Ever!

I've never joined a reading challenge before, but Stainless Steel Droppings seems like a kindred spirit so I thought I'd give it a try. I've been so busy reviewing advanced copies (no complaints!), I've had zero time to devote to my truest book love: fantastical tales. What a great excuse!!!

Here's my list of possible titles (some rereads) that I have lounging around on my shelves:
Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
Keturuh & Lord Death by Martine Leavitt
The Forgotton Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
Briar Rose by Jane Yolen
A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
Summerland by Michael Chabon
The Once And Future King by T.H. White
The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
Beowulf - the Gareth Hinds version
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Magyk by Angie Sage
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue
Once Upon A Marigold by Jean Farris
The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus
The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar
Sisters Grimm by Miachel Buckley and Peter Ferguson
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
Labyrinth by Kate Moss
Runemarks by Joanne Harris
Killing Monsters by Gerard Jones
Something by Orson Scott Card or Ursula LeGuin or Libba Bray or Shannon Hale.

And to match the challenge: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

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Anonymous said...

That's an impressive list to just be hanging around on the shelves. ;) I can't even get my library to order some of those books, so color me jealous. (Also! Advanced copies! I'M SERIOUSLY GREEN.)

So I've read two and a half of these and the loads are on my TBR list. However, I've had friends strongly endorse Susanna Clarke and John Connolly in the last few months. I mean, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is ONLY 800 pages. Not hard at all. XD

Tasses said...

:-) I've been collecting books for 28 years so I probably have a huge jump on you. It's a serious addiction made much simpler by Library Thing. I LOVE that place.

I LOVE the tribute to The Oregon Trail on your site!

Carl V. said...

Oh my, these lists make me want to go out and spend a ton of money!!! :)

I am so thrilled that you are joining in. Kindred spirits we are, I am a huge E.A. Poe fan and love the name of your blog.

I look forward to seeing what you read as well as reading your reviews.

Tasses said...

Thanks for adding me to your fun!


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