The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - Book Review

I decided to give romance another try. After posting my fear and loathing of romance oreviously, I felt the best way to give romance a fair shake was with this story, recommended by many critics and bookish places I frequent. I loved the premise and was engaged quickly. The first meeting of the characters was enticing. I was off to a good start, excited to find a modern idea in the romance genre.

But by the end, I liked the IDEA of the story better than the actual execution of the story. The characters stayed flat, pretentious, cliché, and WASPish. The author's idea of a normal life is far from most of us real folks norms. Her use of metaphor is, at the least, labored, many times distracting from the vision rather than enhancing it. Plot holes abound. For all those issues, the most dispiriting element was the foul language. I was reading an extremely well written book at the same time with even more graphic sex scenes. Yet, I never once felt as wronged as this love story.

I'll give the author credit for an original idea, strong emotional themes, and several insightful thoughts on the course of life. I just wish there was more substance behind the curtain.

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