Take The Cannoli by Sarah Vowell - Book Review

This collection of personal essays borders at the edge of cheeky, but never ventures into risqué territory. A compendium of Ms. Vowell’s everyday experiences and observations infused with pop culture references, each story might pass a decent ten minutes waiting for the laundry to dry, but they won’t cause great bursts of laughter or deep moments of thought.

I haven’t heard Sarah Vowell’s NPR show and according to many reviewers, that’s where her fortune shines. As a reader I found her essays, though witty and unique, a bit flat. Her topics mark the landscape of America and its oddball culture they just didn’t seem that fresh to me. Considering the copyright is 2001, perhaps they’re just dated. I’ll probably make another attempt at Ms. Vowell as her style is interesting and engaging.

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sarala said...

I just started reading these essays and saw your review on Library Thing. This got me to your blog. I think I am going to end feeling neutral about this book. I read Assassination Vacation, also by Vowell, which I think is a better book.


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