Now You See Him by: Eli Gottlieb - Book Review

Told through the eyes of Nick, an introspective, self-deprecating husband and father in the middle of a mid-life crisis, Now You See Him is a slow building suspense tale weaving themes of secrecy, discontent, and duplicity. Nick’s childhood friend, Rob – the polar opposite of Nick with his dashing, self-assured, smooth talking ways - has killed his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy. The twisting crossroads of Nick and Rob’s lives form the basis for this novel’s wiz-bang ending.

Billed as a suspense story, this reader found it long on words and short on suspense. I suspect many readers will enjoy the author’s slow construction of Nick’s ever-deepening descent; and, Publisher’s Weekly did give it a glowing review, trumpeting the novel’s, “pitch-perfect dialogue and flawed yet empathetic characters.” To this I scream, “empathetic?” Did they meet the same characters?

I hated Nick, found him ridiculous, and found his wife a whining caricature of stereotypes. Her dismissal of Rob’s importance to Nick was irritating and underdeveloped. As for the dashing Rob, I never felt any possible reason for his hometown renown. I could buy into Nick’s worship of Rob, but why the whole town? Rob’s family was the nail in the coffin of disagreeable characters. If I can’t invest in the folks wandering the page, I might as well stop at chapter two.

It appears Now You See Him is a media darling with over 7,000 advance copies mailed and a movie option. And although the writer is talented enough, this one was just not for me.

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Katherine said...

I read an ARC of this book, and although other readers loved this book (and slammed me on Amazon for writing a negative review), like you, this book just wasn't to my taste.


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