Firefly Lane by: Kristin Hannah - Book Review

Kate & Tully meet on Firefly Lane. Theirs will be a friendship that follows them from the first buds of adolescence through the span of their lives. And while their fealty takes a few hits to the armor, they always return to devotion. Their story begins in the mid 70’s and continues to the present. The author has well represented all eras with both pop culture references and historical events. This, I predict, will be a seduction for many book clubs looking to recall times in their own youth.

While I usually enjoy character driven tales, Firefly Lane was not a favorite. I felt I was being led down a path of calculated emotional exploitation. And could the editor have offered a bit more restraint? The novel could have easily been chopped in half. If I’d heard the term “Earth Shoes” one more time…... redundancy was a serious issue. I don't need to be beat over the head; subtlety was non-existent. It seems the author used some “drop description here” formula. I found further frustration with continuity errors, clichés and homogenization of the character’s traits.

Being the info. queen that I am, I had to pop over to the author’s website to see what she was all about. There I found a really nice gal with many of my own interests. This made me sad; I’d really disliked her book. Luckily, I had another book of hers on my unread shelf so I pulled On Mystic Lake and read it in one day, happy to find a better choice.

I think it was more than Firefly Lane's writing style that turned me off; it was the standardization of really deep female relationships. I was a bit miffed that she’d fallen into the typical clichés. I wondered if she’d ever experienced the deep commitment of having the same girlfriend from the age of 11. This book might appeal to folks who’ve never experienced that commitment, but I think those of us who’ve been through 30+ years with a girl pal will find it all too manufactured.

All that spewed: If you like stories about girls growing up into womanhood, Firefly Lane might be an easy, beach-style read for you.

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