A Dangerous Age by Ellen Gilchrist - Book Review

This is a tale of privileged North Carolina cousins, young, modern, working women with brains and spunk looking for love. But be careful; don’t presume this book into the genre of young, modern, working women looking for love. A Dangerous Age isn’t something you’ll read lazily by the pool. In the Hand cousins, Gilchrist has created round and complicated women whose everyday lives are hit hard. And the rock that’s thrown? The War on Terror. Be careful again; don’t presume it’s one of those preachy anti-war rants. And don’t presume it’s a send-up to Bush’s doctrine. It’s both and neither.

Gilchrist is a writer of extreme talent. The story reads tight and matter-of-fact, accompanied by a subtle crescendo-rising force just waiting for the mallet to sound. From the moment the first plane hits on 9/11, our hearts hear the war drums ever presently beating in the background of the women’s lives. Each cousin’s individual story unfolds in as complicated a manner as the war itself, with no easy exit strategies and unanswered questions. This individualization of such a far-reaching topic, along with excellent writing, supplies depth into the human implications of nightly sound bytes. A brilliant, gut wrenching and thought-provoking book, I highly recommend A Dangerous Age for readers looking for more than fluff.

Read from an advanced copy. Available in USA May 13, 2008.

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Mel Carroll said...

I adored this book, it had a profound impact on me, and reduced me to tears several times. I have since ordered three more Gilchrist books, though I have yet managed to find time to read them. I yearn for more backstory to the Hand clan. Loved your review.

Tasses said...

I ran out and bought two Gilchrist books after reading it also! Unfortunately, they're still in my TBR pile as I've had so many ARCs to read. Thanks so much for popping in. I tend to let this site go idle and I really need to work on it!


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